Charm and mystery hover around the birth of Vitiano,an ancient place, whose origins are a beautiful mix of history and legend.
The impressive watch tower, built around the year 1000 by the will of the Clergy, stands on a hill (532 m above sea level) dominating 5 regions.
Its original role is to control the flow of pilgrims from France and Germany who move to Rome along the Via Francigena and Via Romea Germanica.

During the twelfth century Vitiano became one of the most important residences of the Knights Templar.
In the late Middle Ages it assumes the role of a stronghold in defense of the Vatican State, under the direct control of the noble family of the Monaldeschi della Cervara.
Subsequently, in the seventeenth century, Vitiano became the patrimony of the Spada Princes of Rome.
Today the unique owner is Mrs. Marcella Patrizi who restored and renovated the entire complex maintaining intact the original features, taking care of every detail and enriching it with antique furniture and objects.
Vitiano is 1 kilometer from Castel Viscardo, 12 kilometers from Orvieto, about 100 kilometers from Rome, Siena and Florence.

The structure, surrounded by an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 3 hectares, is surrounded by woods and gardens owned by the same, which surround it and protect it. It is possible to reach Vitiano and which is accessed throughout a shaded private road.

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